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Make Protec a strategic partner in your digital journey with the following benefits:

Medit i700

Scanning Reimagined

Medit has been at the forefront of realizing easy entry into digital dentistry.
Our innovation will improve your patient’s experience.

How can we develop the product beyond the imagination of users? How should we incorporate our advanced scanning technology and 20 years of engineering know-how?

Mediti700 wireless 1

Magic Made Easy
with a Simple Touch

Get the power to take your practice to the next level!

Beyond i700’s Proven Tech

Still the same super fast, light, and accurate i700. But now wireless.

Mediti700 wireless 2
No More Wires
Free from wires, scanning is comfortable at any angle. Scan proximal areas effortlessly without constraints in movement.
Mediti700 wireless 3
Fast, Accurate. Connected
Scanning speed of up to 70 FPS*. You can experience the amazingly smooth and fast scanning performance of Medit’s best-selling model. Enjoy the fast speed of the i700 wirelessly, flawlessly.
Mediti700 wireless 4
Supercharged Yet Light
Outstanding weight balance even with a battery attached for added comfort.
Mediti700 wireless 5
Powerful Hardware Meets Versatile Softwares
Optimized for convenience. Not only from hardware aspects, but also software. i700 wireless, packed with the latest of MEDIT technology.
Mediti700 wireless 6
Mediti700 wireless 7

The Best Battery Life Ever

Mediti700 wireless 8

Magical Scanning,
Easier Than Ever

Mediti700 wireless 9

Experience amazing digital dentistry with Medit Scan for Clinics. Our cutting-edge software technology makes scanning more convenient for you.

For scanning assistance
Mediti700 wireless 10
Strengthened user guidance provides help for abnormalities detected during scanning.
Mediti700 wireless 11
Enhanced A.I. filtering performance eases the scanning process by filtering out soft tissue such as lips, cheeks, and tongue.
Mediti700 wireless 12
Automatically filters registered colors, such as the color of medical gloves, during scanning.
Mediti700 wireless 13
Scan with your own scanning strategy. Fragmented scan data are aligned with automatically detected common area.
For more precise and accurate scan data
Mediti700 wireless 14
Automatically distinguishes and suggests the best matching shade from scan data.
Mediti700 wireless 15
Secures accurate scan body data in difficult-to-scan areas, such as the posterior region.
Mediti700 wireless 16
Secures accurate margin data in difficult-to-scan situations.
Mediti700 wireless 17
Get a sharper scan image in the margin area with the upgraded HD Mode.


Mediti700 wireless 18
Mediti700 wireless 19

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