Health Canada Approves the Medit i500 Intraoral Scanner

health canada medit i500

Congratulations to the Medit Company for entering the digital dental industry in Canada, making intraoral scanning much easier and affordable. Medit was founded in 2000 as a metrology company and focused primarily on scanning solutions aimed at delivering precision and value, a successful journey that has taken over a decade in research and development. Protec Dental Laboratories proudly welcomes this high-level scanner into their Canadian market as licensed distributors.

How does the Medit i500 benefit Canadian dentistry?

Delivering ROI value, efficiency in scanning and building a productive workflow are the three key qualities that the i500 has incorporated into the digital intraoral scanning process.

The most significant clinical benefits:

  1. Scanning is powderless, which creates a seamless scanning process and increased patient comfort.
  2. A smaller tip provides easier maneuverability inside the patient’s mouth, which supports a more comfortable experience for the patient.
  3. A higher resolution image helps the user locate margins and undercuts well, as the image shows a clear distinction between tooth structure and soft tissue through realistic imaging.
  4. Vivid colour produces high definition 3D images that captures fine detail.
  5. Video type scanning allows for a smooth recording and features a playback option, which is beneficial during staff training or re-evaluating one’s own scanning technique.
  6. The lightweight scanner is only 276 grams and provides an easier grip to support a faster scanning process.
  7. The single button control creates ease when moving to the next scanning stage by eliminating the need to reach over to a computer to start and stop the scanner.

Why switch from a manual to digital workflow?

There are good reasons why more Canadian dentists are rapidly switching over to a digital impression-taking system, apart from keeping up with current technological trends. A digital platform supports a collaborative process between dentists and their laboratories, where live communication and transmission of cases are possible. Digital scans have been proven to be more accurate than traditional methods of physical impressions, which are subject to distortion from temperature, technique errors, and physical handling during delivery. Less chemicals and materials are needed to generate models, reducing the patient’s risk of inducing harmful substances during standard impression-taking.

What’s in store for the future?

Medit and Protec Dental Laboratories will continue to work collaboratively by investing in technology that provides clinical and financial value to their dentists. Both companies maintain their commitment in making the dental experience more comfortable for patients.

Get ready Canada! Your entry into digital dentistry is now easier and more affordable.

Health Canada Approves the Medit i500 intraoral Scanner 1

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