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Make Protec a strategic partner in your digital journey with the following benefits:

Medit i700

Scanning Reimagined

Medit has been at the forefront of realizing easy entry into digital dentistry.
Our innovation will improve your patient’s experience.

How can we develop the product beyond the imagination of users? How should we incorporate our advanced scanning technology and 20 years of engineering know-how?

Astonishing Scanning

The Brain of the i700 with a Splash of Color

245g featherweight with improved grip for comfort.
Improved speed and optimal scanned images deliver a smoother scanning experience. Smooth like silk, regardless of PC specs.
Transmits vivid scan data via the new optical system used in the Medit i700.
Super Accurate, Super Light, Super Smooth.
The digital workflow begins with accurate data. Medit i600 precisely acquires data for effortless digital dentistry.
*High accuracy Full–arch accuracy: 10.9 μm ± 0.98,
*Acquires accurate scan data from anterior segment to the occlusal surface

The Simplest.
The Easiest.

Take full control of your scanning with a simplified ‘one button’ start and stop scan system. If you have no desire for the remote control feature, then the i600 will provide you with all you need to enjoy a simplified scanning experience.
Mediti600 1

Easy Does It All

Medit i600 can be directly connected to the PC using just one cable, eliminating limitations of wired devices between chairs and clinics for a wider scope of treatment using scanners.

Mediti600 2
Mediti600 3
Mediti600 4

Making Scanning Easier

Experience amazing digitized data acquisition with Medit Scan for Clinics. ​ Our​cutting-edge​software​technology​makes​scanning more​convenient​for​you.

Mediti600 5

Smart Scan Guide

Strengthened​user​guidance provides​ help​for abnormalities​detected during​ scanning.

Mediti600 6

Smart Scan Filtering

Enhanced A.I. filtering performance eases the scanning process by filtering out soft tissue such as lips, cheeks, and tongue.

Mediti600 7

Smart Color Filtering

Automatically filters registered colors, such as the color of medical gloves, during scanning.

Mediti600 8

Smart Stitching

Scan with your own scanning strategy. Fragmented scan data are aligned with automatically detected​common​area.


Mediti600 9
Mediti600 10

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